When I'm With You 2015

from by Electric Children

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Additional vocals by Helen Eugene.


Turn the music up and bring the lights down low
Hands in the air if you're ready to go
She's looking at me like she's saying. "What are you waiting for?"
Buzzin' 'cause I'm wasted off the beat tonight
She's moving like a killer, but it feels so right
I'm just drunk enough to tell her that her dress would look way better on my floor.

All of my life, been waiting for tonight
Just give me this dance, and we can make it right
Give me this song, you're everything I want
Yeah baby come on

When I'm with you, it's like I'm flying
My heart beats fast, it's electrifying
When I see you I know it's only you and me
When I'm with you, it's like I'm dreaming
A moonlit smile on a Summer's evening
When I'm with you, the worl dis just a still frame

She said I'll, "Never ever get another chance like this"
I can taste the alcohol that's painted on her lips
It's gettin' kinda heavy and I'm feeling like I'm ready alright
I try to satisfy her but she's back for more
And she's undressed before I even get to shut the door
Let's set the world on fire girl, let's make it hot tonight

All that I do is to get closer to you
We're bringing this club down, there's nothing they can do
Give me this song, you're everything I want
Yeah baby come on


from Reanimate, released August 5, 2015




Electric Children Seattle, Washington

Electric Children creates various types of dance music including house, electro, disco, dubstep, and drum n bass, all infused with 8-bit sounds from a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy. His unique sound and catchy grooves have earned him a dedicated fan following, and he plans to only move upward from there. Party on, dudes. ... more

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